Work for Us – Become a Luxury High-class Prague Escort

Do you desire high earnings, a glamorous lifestyle of hotels and restaurants, and meeting new people – particularly gentlemen from abroad? Then please consider joining, the fastest-growing escort agency in Prague. With, you can expect to receive more meetings with clients, and be treated as a special person by the agency and by our respectable clientele. For the right person, working as an international escort offers a wonderful lifestyle of luxury and fun. With the right agency behind you, you can really increase the number and quality of your meetings.

Our offer

At, we pride ourselves on how we treat our companions. We believe in fairness, a good reward sharing system, and of course, getting our escorts as many meetings as possible with clients.

We are committed to building our client list every day, and marketing our agency in as many avenues as possible. We want the maximum amount of business and leisure clients exposed to your online profile with us. In this way, you will receive more client requests, more fun, and more money.

Another important benefit of our agency model is that we filter out rude and unserious clients in the early stages of communication, so you can focus purely on the personal aspects of the meeting with gentlemen who have already passed our vetting procedures.

So our agency offers many benefits, and many of our escorts have previously worked as independent Prague escorts before deciding to work solely with us.

Our requirements

We are looking for attractive females aged between 18-35 who are friendly, outgoing, well-groomed, and have a reasonable level of English and/or another foreign language. You must be reliable, flexible, enjoy meeting new people, be relaxed around people you have just met, and enjoy making other people feel good about themselves. In short, you must be charming.

You will be meeting gentlemen here in Prague and also internationally, so you should possess an up-to-date passport or ID card, and be willing to travel wherever our clients will want to meet you (within reason). Therefore, we require flexibility and a willingness to make new plans, sometimes on short notice.

We expect you to be well groomed and always keep a certain standard of appearance in terms of skin, hair and nails. You might be asked to attend a dinner with a client on a few hours notice, so we require you to always maintain a reasonably high level of personal grooming.

It is also important for you to be honest with us about what you are comfortable doing and not doing. We do not want to put you in an uncomfortable situation. We want to help clients find the right girl for them.

As is run on an agency model, we will not be employing you directly with a contract. You must have a self-employed status and take care of all taxes, insurance and any other business licenses yourself.

How to apply

Please fill out the application form below, making sure to give as many details as possible. Also attach some pictures of yourself that are accurate and recent. Be sure to provide accurate contact information so we can get in touch with you.

Details about yourself