How to choose the right companion

Prague is a premier city for securing escort services, and the sheer range of available escorts can often be overwhelming for newcomers. Choosing the right escort is very important, since this recreational activity is an expensive hobby. There are few more personal ways to spend your time than being totally intimate with someone.

Given that your choice of companion is an important decision, we thought we should give you some tips on how to select the right Prague escort to satisfy your particular needs.

Prague is served by many escort agencies, some good and some less than stellar. The most customer-friendly agencies can be an invaluable gateway to the best girls in the Czech Republic. Therefore, your initial decision should be which agencies to trust. A trustworthy agency will offer e-mail and phone contact information to an operator who will listen to your particular needs and offer a range of matches. When you find such an agency, it is worth looking at their offer of girls to narrow down your selection.

Most of us fantasize about the ideal physical traits of a girl. Meeting an escort should be the enactment of these personal fantasies. It makes sense to narrow down your selection to the ladies in the agency you find attractive, whether it’s a blonde or brunette, busty or supermodel body. It is important that you communicate these desired attributes to the operator so they can recommend the correct girls based on their current looks. Remember that hair can be dyed and bodies can change over time.

Physical appearance is not everything with escorts, since it’s likely you will also want to at least enjoy some non-sexual interaction with them at some point in time. This interaction could be over dinner by the Vltava or within Prague’s castle district, or just enjoying some post-coital chat in bed. For this reason, it is important that you request an escort who shares at least a minimal level of language skills with you. All of our girls speak good English, and many also speak a third language such as French, Arabic or Russian. It might also be wise to select an escort who can compliment your personality and your mood. For example, if you are a bit down because of some personal situation, and need cheering up, perhaps you should consider asking the operator for a girl who is sensitive and caring. On the other hand, maybe you want to go crazy and enjoy Prague nightlife with a vivacious companion. There is no right and wrong answer to how you should enjoy your date. You just need to make sure you communicate your ideas beforehand.

Lastly, we need to talk about services, since meeting an escort will in most cases have a sexual element to it. Prague has an unrivalled selection of escorts who offer the services you see in porno movies. Many Prague escorts are open-minded young ladies, who may have starred in a few movies themselves. If you seek these more advanced services, then please make it clear to the agency so they offer you an escort who will happily fulfil your needs. You have a much better chance of living out your fantasies if your Escort has been carefully selected in advance and has made the proper preparations. If you prefer a more standard service, you just need to make it clear.

We hope this article will help you decide upon your next escort. The key is to work out what you want in advance, and then communicate these needs to a trusted escort agency. As one of the most trusted escort agencies in Prague, we hope you will contact us soon!