Erotic massage in Prague – erotic massage, dinner dates, sex meetings escort agency not only provides charming ladies for the traditional companionship experience. Many of our elite companions are also trained in the secret and mysterious art of erotic massage. If you are in Prague for work or business, an erotic massage can be the perfect tonic for those seeking a new sexual thrill, suffering from jet lag or low energy, or anyone wishing to enjoy the pleasure of body-to-body contact in a new and fun way.

What is an Erotic Massage?

The concept of erotic massage is often shrouded in mystery, and many men and women are not at all sure what it involves. They presume it is just sex by another name. The truth is that the art of erotic massage is not sex, although it can lead to that. Erotic massage can best be thought of as halfway between a traditional massage, which seeks to therapeutically stimulate the body’s energy systems and/or muscular systems, and the act of sex or lovemaking, with all the erotic excitement it can create.

The masseuse will first relax and then stimulate the recipient, either using their hands or through full body-to-body contact. The recipient’s energy centres, particularly their sexual energy chakras, will be stimulated in a gradual fashion. This stimulation then leads to an erotic tension with the usual physical symptoms of very strong erections and enhanced sexual excitement. Orgasm can soon follow, or not, but in either case the recipient will enjoy increased energy levels throughout the following days.

What are the different types of erotic massages?

Two of the main erotic massage techniques are the Nuru massage and tantric massage. The Nuru massage was invented in Japan and is a type of full body massage that involves body sliding using a special blend of erotic oils that heighten the senses. It is a good choice for those who seek a new and exciting sexual experience with a guaranteed happy ending.

Tantric massage is a technique originating in India that involves the sexual stimulation of erogenous zones by the hands and possibly the full use of the masseuse’s body. Sexual release is not necessarily the end goal of Tantric massage, as it involves a release of inner energy and can be used to treat blocked energies that have been preventing the person from reaching their full potential.

What are the effects of an erotic massage?

Done correctly, erotic massage in any form will lead to stronger erections, delayed orgasms, and a sense of total enjoyment and refreshment. It all depends on what the client wants to get out of the session, and of course, good communication is vital.

Erotic massage is available for men and women, and is the ideal way to treat a jaded sexual appetite or low energy levels. It can be an excellent experience to undertake just before an important business meeting or event, or to recover from a stressful situation.

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